The Golden Word

Patience!!! Do we know what that is? How many people do you know that can say they truly are a patient person? As a matter of fact, how sure can you be that you yourself are patient? Patience is a  virtue, some will say that being patient has only done them good. Others will say that it has only done bad. Truth is patience is one of the most important things needed in this world. The reason for that is because patience is not just one thing. Patience leads to hope, if there is one thing that people need in these hard and  dreadful times, it is hope.

– J.A.


Every tick of the clock sends you into a panic. Craving more time, but at the same time, letting too much time go. That’s the problem with us, is we don’t cherish the time we have. We spend our days wishing it was some other day, we spend our entire lives waiting. Waiting for the “future” waiting to turn a certain age waiting to get your life together. Waiting for New Years to make a resolution. Time is limitless, so how is it that we never have enough? We invented the clock to tell us how much time we have, but it has turned into an object that reminds of us of the time we don’t have. Truth is, there’s always time. You just never take the time to see it. 

-Alison Khaddour 


Living In The Darkness. There is a reason people say that when you lie to others you are forcing them to live in the dark. Things aren’t always so easy but when you keep lying then you just add weight to your shoulders. While the haters are hating and liars are lying. I find that telling the truth, your truth, will surely set you free. At that point you will see that there is no point in lying. Some truths hurt, but they will hurt much more if you are telling the lies and then later the truth comes out. If you believe nothing else believe this, the truth will always come out.

From The Dark Comes Really

We all know what it is like to hide in the shadows, if it were not for the people who have hurt us we would not be so strong and willing to lerk in the shadows. Scared, in pain. I know not of such words. There is no greater truth that shall come forth to the light than that of the truth from darkness.


Some would define time as word and numbers. Others would say that time is a certain hour in the day. I say that time is not something that has a meaning rather it is something that we (the people) have a various amount of. Going around in life I sometimes wonder why people say, “I don’t have time.” This is not true. We will always have time, the difference between you and I or you and others is that I choose to see it and believe it or you choose to see it and believe it.

Sleepless Nights 

Your eyes are red and your body heavy with exhaustion, yet sleep eludes you. Tossing and turning hoping for peace but your mind refuses to cease. Taunting you with the questions, threatening you with rejection. Leaving you helpless against your worst enemy; yourself. Your mind has taken you captive and as much as you try to fight it, you lose. Soon forcing you to answer questions that don’t have answers. These nights are the longest. These are the nights you lose yourself, and remember how easy it is to get comfortable with being alone. The benefit of having yourself as an enemy is that no one knows you better than you know yourself. Your mind doesn’t know that your heart is still awake, you can’t stop thinking of how alone you are, but you can’t help feeling like you’re loved, regardless.